Pricing - Cyberlab® | The UK's Best Cyber Security as a Service Tool Pricing - Cyberlab® | The UK's Best Cyber Security as a Service Tool

Cyber Security as a Service | Pricing

Build your cyber defence with confidence. The best cyber security support tool on your terms. Available in three versions, to suit your business.

12 Months
24 Months

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Our solutions

Cyber security your way. Here’s what’s on offer:

Portal featuresAssistProtectElevate
Vulnerability scanning
Security awareness training
Phishing simulation campaigns
Dark web monitoring
Two factor authentication
PDF reporting
Cyber security assessments
Policy hub
Unlimited cyber strategy guidance
Table top exercises
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials Plus
Cyberlab recommendations
Portal help and guidance
Dedicated point of contact

Make the switch to empower your business

Shift your cyber security management from reactive to proactive. Here’s what will change:


  • Minimal visibility of attack surface and metrics
  • No structure to managing cyber incidents
  • Disjointed approach to cyber strategy
  • No dedicated person to manage security posture
  • No compliance accreditation
  • React to issues as they arise


  • All in one cloud portal displaying key metrics and downloadable reports
  • Clear policies in place with users trained on how to respond effectively
  • Clearly defined security roadmap with unlimited support and guidance
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Government backed Cyber Essentials
  • Pre-determined team-wide priorities

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the choice of Stripe and GoCardless to process your payment. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

One of our experts will schedule a call to answer all of your initial questions and to get to know you. Following this the security assessment process can begin, with a comprehensive review of your people, process and technology. This three part process will help us to understand your current cyber security posture. From there we will give you specific, easy-to-understand recommendations in priority order.
You will also get access to Cyberlab’s easy-to-use online portal where you can see policy templates, view your security metrics, track the progress of your ‘Ask a question’ requests and monitor your staff training. Giving you complete oversight of your security posture all in one place. Meanwhile, our experts will be continuously scanning, monitoring, and eliminating threats to your business.

We only offer 12 or 24 month agreements – we do not believe a robust cyber strategy can be delivered in the form of a single event.

Our objective is to become your trusted cyber security team and will take you on a journey with scheduled assessments, exercises and reviews throughout the term. We do not feel we would have done justice to your business by only delivering a portion of these services hence our focus on 12 or 24 month terms.

We also bundle the offering with a number of best of breed third party tools which require at least a 12 month commitment from Cyberlab, in order to ensure our plans are as competitive as possible the duration needs to match.

Cyberlab is a cyber security as a service (CSaaS) solution aimed at SME’s to enable them to develop a robust and dependable cyber strategy. With visibility over the entire service using our intuitive cloud portal you’re able to better execute, understand and mitigate cyber threats to your business.

Yes,  you can upgrade to the Protect or Elevate at any point should you wish to.

We can also adjust the plan should the number of users within your organisation change.

If you have any questions about Cyberlab or the sign-up process please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!