Two new team members


Please meet Hugo, Cyber Security Analyst at Cyberlab and our latest addition to the team.

Hugo has an academic background in computer networks and security and is decorated with a Masters degree in Cyber Security. After working in the industry for several years, his enthusiasm and passion for solving challenges grew…. and finally led him to Cyberlab.

Welcome on board Hugo! We look forward to tackling the cyber threat landscape with you.

Two new team members

We are very excited to welcome Jack to Cyberlab. 

After completing the first year of a Computer Science degree at Lincoln University and gaining a strong understanding of computer software and hardware, Jack realised that his ultimate interest lay in the complexity of people and he has since begun a degree in Psychology with the Open University. 

Jack is an extremely friendly and positive individual, and his ability to connect with people makes him the perfect fit for our growing and dynamic sales team.

We wish Jack every success and happiness with us at Team Cyberlab.

* Jack shares with us his favourite inspirational quote from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings. 

Two new team members

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