A new era for Cyber Essentials

A new era for Cyber Essentials

IASME become the new Cyber Essentials Partner - cyber security lincoln

What is changing?

Today (1st April 2020) marks the day the IASME Consortium takes over the delivery of the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Cyber Essentials scheme. The scheme, which is an important part of the NCSC’s portfolio, teaches businesses how to protect themselves from the most common internet based cyber threats and reassure their customers that cyber security is taken seriously. From today, IASME will be the Cyber Essentials Partner.

For many organisations, cyber security can be complex and confusing.  Yet, in the current environment where cyber threats are prevalent and indiscriminate, it is crucial that all organisations are actively encouraged to implement the most important basic technical controls. Today’s new Partnership launch for this established Government backed scheme will help make fundamental cyber protection more understandable, accessible and practical.

As an IASME certification body Cyberlab are able to offer Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance accreditation in both self-assessment and audited formats:

Cyber Essentials

IASME Governance

To find out more about IASME accreditations get in touch with our team.

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