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Protect your business from cyber threats with Cyberlab's fully managed and automated portal, delivering industry leading

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What we offer

Peace of mind in a dramatically evolving cyber threat landscape

Minimise your cyber security risk with a suite of best of breed services managed and monitored in an easy-to-use secure online portal. Cyberlab’s dedicated experts will assess, improve and enhance your cyber security strategy with specific, easy to understand recommendations for a fixed monthly price.

industry experts

Unlimited guidance and support

Our team of cyber security experts are on hand to provide advice whenever you need it. It's that simple!

Cyberlab combine consultancy and technology to deliver the most robust solution for managing your cyber security.

user friendly

The cyber security portal that delivers

Everything you need to manage your cyber security can now be found in one place. Remove the burden of coordinating multiple tools and vendors.

Cyberlab's holistic service provides those all important elements in one easy-to-use online portal . Having complete oversight of your security posture has never been easier.

security awareness training

Empower your workforce

Interactive training courses for your entire team. Make sure your staff are following the procedures and processes when it comes to company-wide cyber security, GDPR compliance, and more! Short bitesize modules to identify employees' security blind spots.

As your trusted partner, Cyberlab will auto enrol users in modules that tackle their unique risks- with course topics being prioritised based on their weakest areas.

How we help

Including a suite of best of breed services

Vulnerability scanning

Automated scans of your critical assets, with industry-leading capability to detect 58,000+ vulnerabilities.

Security awareness training

Identify your employees individual security blind spots and automate the fix with user-tailored training programmes.

Phishing simulation

Assess and eliminate employee vulnerability to sophisticated phishing scams with easily deployable simulations.

Dark web monitoring

Monitor the dark web for exposed employee credentials. Be notified when your users are exposed in a data breach with continuous monitoring.

Cyber Essentials

Achieve government backed compliance accreditation to demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.

Policy hub

Access to a suite of cyber security policy templates to prepare and protect your business.




per user / month
Managed suite of automated tools with expert support




per user / month
Managed cyber security for ultimate peace of mind




per user / month
Managed cyber security with the competitive advantage

Best on the market

We searched the market extensively and found Cyberlab had a fair price and an excellent understanding of our needs, the work that needed to be done and this skill set and superior knowledge meant they were the right partner for us. We have bought more services from them since and I would highly recommend them as a 'go to' cyber security and GDPR consultant and auditor. We will use them now for many years going forwards.

LLoyd Major
CEO, Halo

Frequently Asked Questions

As your reliable partner, we seek to build trust by strengthening our relationships with transparent and honest advice. 
Our combination of bespoke advice and our innovative online portal allows us to provide you with a holistic service that delivers peace of mind. Cyberlab’s team of industry experts will be your trusted partner, discovering your cyber vulnerabilities and mitigating potential risks before they occur.
Harnessing the power of industry leading technologies to protect your business and building excellent resiliency standards is what we do best. We work hard to maintain and exceed customer expectations, continuously striving to make cyber security your competitive advantage.
One of our experts will schedule a call to answer all of your initial questions and to get to know you. Following this the security assessment process can begin, with a comprehensive review of your people, process and technology. This three part process will help us to understand your current cyber security posture. From there we will give you specific, easy-to-understand recommendations in priority order.
You will also get access to Cyberlab’s easy-to-use online portal where you can see policy templates, view your security metrics, track the progress of your ‘Ask a question’ requests and monitor your staff training. Giving you complete oversight of your security posture all in one place. Meanwhile, our experts will be continuously scanning, monitoring, and eliminating threats to your business.
The ultimate risk is that you could encounter a cyber attack.
52% of businesses* report that they could not recover from such an event. A poor cyber strategy can result in financial and reputational damage with long lasting effects and potential legal ramifications.
Financial – a loss of income and client base would inevitably put most businesses under pressure.
Reputational – loss of trust from stakeholders and the wider business community is difficult to measure but can cause significant damage.
Legal – losses where personal or confidential information has been released could result in a claim for damages or contracts being terminated.

The skill spectrum for cyber security is vast and it is  unlikely that one individual will hold all the competencies and knowledge required to effectively curate and implement a robust cyber strategy for your business. Appointing from within the business can also unintentionally expose security decisions to internal politics.

Cyberlab takes great pride in recruiting and retaining an interdisciplinary team of specialists whose sole focus is to protect your assets and reputation. 

With a choice of service levels available, Cyberlab’s offering is a cost effective solution, whilst also unburdening the impact of absence and leave.

Cyberlab invest extensive resources into researching and developing proactive preventative measures to minimise your cyber risk. Working as part of your extended team we outsource your cyber security operation by blending a comprehensive suite of technology tools and consultancy support to deliver a dependable service.

Whilst we cannot provide any guarantees that cyber incidents will not occur we can do our very best to reduce the attack surface, educate your users and minimise risk.

Protect and Elevate customers can access unlimited support and advice from our interdisciplinary team of experts.

Simply call us on 0333 050 8120 or ‘Ask a question’ in the portal to get a response from your dedicated Account Manager.

We are happy to advise on any aspect of your cyber security strategy, however, the actual  implementation is up to you. 

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We saw that businesses of all sizes were juggling a myriad of disjointed cyber tools. And we wanted to create a service to deliver a comprehensive, dependable alternative.

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